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1 – Where White Pride Meets The Electric Slide – Where White Pride Meets The Electric Slide couldn’t have dropped at a more perfect time for the GOP. Now that the incoming House majority whip, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) just acknowledged that he spoke at a white-supremacist event organized by a neo-Nazi group in 2002, the GOP should just embrace it all.   This way when your next Tea Party member spouts off some horribly racist bullshit, flip the switch on the “lame stream” media and just remind us Americans that “white pride” goes with “Electric Slide” and it’s all about beer, guns,  and two-steppin’ (if the white folk can’t quite master the rhythm of The Electric Slide).   Have  supply a whites-only party in a box with everything you need for that ultimate KKK backyard BBQ.

Every set could include the following:

1.  Fucked Up Party Teeth


2.  Fun Keychains for the Kids


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