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1 – No ‘breeders’ allowed.
The 10 Worst Dating Sites of All Time – No ‘breeders’ allowed.

   For those not in the know, Dink is a nifty little acronym invented in the 80’s (its true, Wikipedia said so), which stands for Dual Income, No Kids.  These financial wizards had the good sense and emotional fortitude to abstain from child rearing – and instead fill that hole in their lives with expensive cars, numerous vacations and the high possibility of Early Retirement (DINKER).
oh-you-have-three kids memeThese poor, pitiful souls must endlessly dine out in the finest restaurants to replace the beautiful joy of a toddler flinging spaghetti at them and then crying for two hours. Shells of human beings, they wander the tropical beaches of this world, necessarily paranoid a cartel might realize their net worth. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Hey, that’s me!” well we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you. Over 15,000 people plop the word Dink into a search engine every month, and yet is available! values at $47,000, and that’s just a fraction of the $300k that you saved by not popping out your own little poop machine. represents a glorious chance to break away from the endless cycle of BMW models and arguing about whose turn it is to get up and pay the maid. All the antiquing and small dogs in the world can only do some much for your emotional well-being. You need a project, and that project should help all of Dink kind. DomainRoast locked its best interns in the conference room for 3 days and these are the possible uses for that they came up with. (We suspect they may have huffed the markers.)

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The 10 Worst Dating Sites of All Time

We’ve found the worst dating sites of all time.  Each of these domains were once registered by someone, but are now available and can be yours!!

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