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We love domain names.  Buying them.  Selling them.  Collecting them. Developing them.  And, there are some great blogs about doing all of that.  This isn’t one of them.

Our blog is about looking at the world through domain names that someone else once registered.  We love celebrating domains, making fun of  trashy names, Robin-Hooding others, and using expired domains to comment on politics, pop culture, life, trends, and anything else that we find interesting.  What we love so much about  previously registered  domains  is that at some moment in time, someone had something in mind for that name.  We find this little peek into the human condition fascinating.

Our goal is simple – when you’re wasting time online, we hope you waste some of that time with us.  We would be thrilled if you became a regular reader.  We’d be over-the-moon if you ever told a friend about something funny you read on Domain Roast.  That is how we measure our success.

We own about 1,500 names in across various disciplines.  We register all of our domains by hand, meaning that we look at thousands of names each day and pick the ones we want to bid on (if they’re dropping or at auction) or just register because they are available.   Many large domain investors have created systems to help them identify the domain names they want, allowing them to automatically review tens of thousands of names each day.  For, us, this was a hobby that turned into a little business, that then turned into a passion. And why should you care?  You shouldn’t.  Except that in our daily scan of several thousand domains, some of the funniest, gaudy, ridiculous, yet randomly interesting domains have appeared on some of our lists.  It’s these domain name gems that led us to speculate the situations around which someone thought, “Hey, I should register ILoveDope.com.”  We’re going to share what we find.

Domain Roast is about more than just making fun of terrible fart and porn domains.   To our knowledge there’s never been a Robin Hood of Domain Names until now. As we sift through names, we often stumble upon ones we know or that look familiar (often major, minor, and has-been celebrities).  If we have any way to contact the person to let them know that their name is at auction or about to drop (meaning whoever owned it previously is not renewing it), we do that. However, if we have no easy way to reach them, we may buy the name  buy them on the drop (for $10) or at auction (if they’re cheap), then reach out to the person and ask how they’d like us to transfer the name.  It’s free.  No strings attached. Just good karma.  We are only buying these names to give them  to the rightful owner — the person whose name it actually is.  For the record, we never buy trademarked names for our own portfolio, nor do we buy names of famous people and try to resell at a profit.

Finally, Domain Roast strives to find clever ways to make the average non-domainer see how fun domains can be.  Maybe some of you will get an idea for something you like and buy a domain.  We’ll be having contests to give away some names we own.  And, we’ll probably do a bunch of other stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

If you’d like to submit article ideas, contest ideas, or provide us images, memes, videos, etc. that fit out posts, we’d love to hear/see them.  Visit our Contributor Policy page or contact us at info (at) domainroast.com.  Also, please read our FAQ section if you have other questions about Domain Roast.



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