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Best Liberal and Conservative Domains that Are Dropping
The 10 Worst Dating Sites of All Time
3 – Where even the Macs have Mustaches and Fedoras
4 – Resume Buzzwords Meet Cellphones and Chivalry
5 – Seeing The Light One Flapjack at a Time
Remember the Pancake Bunny’s 15 Minutes of Fame?
How Nancy Grace Made So Valuable
8 – It’s Great Clips for Pubic Hair
Should Westboro Baptist Church Rebrand to
13 Signs You Belong On

Best Liberal and Conservative Domains that Are Dropping

Hate liberals? Hate conservatives? Love liberals? Love conservatives? There are available dropping / auction domains for everyone today.

For Conservative Haters:

For Liberal Haters:

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The 10 Worst Dating Sites of All Time

We’ve found the worst dating sites of all time.  Each of these domains were once registered by someone, but are now available and can be yours!!

Reason site failed:  only one person signed up.


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We here at DomainRoast have very exciting news for any and all flannel aficionados in their mid-20s. Its time to tap into that endless piggybank called crushing debt and snap up!

GJ Bro!

Despite having the $4 coffee, the fair trade organic batch roasted humane vegan beans and a barista whose primary concern is waxing his ‘stache’, some cafés just don’t exude that special judgmental feeling. You need a safe place, where you can look unique, creative, edgy – all while conforming to an irritating trend in every conceivable way. Yes, you’ll look back on these days and cringe the way your parents do about bell-bottoms and feathered hair, but for now you’re gorgeous! Read More – Resume Buzzwords Meet Cellphones and Chivalry

A Facebook friend of mine recently lost his mind when his college statistics professor referred to a pound-sign (#) as a hashtag (also #).
Now, I don’t need that kind of willful lack of perspective in my life #tyvm, but I just had to wiki ‘hashtag.’ What started as an innocent attempt to discover the origin of a word quickly devolved into a meme drenched frenzy, until I ended up at

What is it? Where did it come from? Why are freshly coiffed young people checking their phones in heraldic tunics with #sparklepony on standby? I quickly dispatched our research team to get to the bottom of this internet mystery. Here are our top 5 theories about the nature of this #fabulous web enigma.

1. LinkedIn’s daring new venture in #ambiguity.

LinkedIn, capitalizing on its already stellar reputation for #networking websites that may or may not be worth your time, is rolling out its new #ChatRoulette inspired career site, in which under-qualified recent graduates are given 30 seconds to prove to prospective employers that, yes, their Master of Theatrical Arts degree totally qualifies them to work your corporation’s front desk – with style, panache and jazz hands. The #buzzword drenched title and info pop-up both indicate that you can build your resume, start an incredible career, save the world and get #kewl prizes while doing so! If that doesn’t get your 25-year-old #Millennial off the couch and out of your basement, nothing will!

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Jesus has appeared to people in various forms over the past 2000 years.  For some reason, in the U.S., Jesus seems to show up on pancakes.   It’s a much more creative (and delicious) way to appeal to believers than appearing in a burning bush (Jews).  Yes, scaring the shit out of me with fire that talks to me would momentarily work, but peacefully appearing on a tasty carb patty would work better.  Who doesn’t love pancakes?  So,  it’s a smart move on Jesus’s part.  Need to convince some slob who isn’t attending church but once a year that he better get his fat ass in gear, show up in something you know he loves way more than you (Jesus) – a piping, hot stack of pancakes oozing with syrup and butter.

Now that has dropped and is available again, it’s the perfect time for someone who loves the Lord, pancakes, miracles, or just overall cool stuff to grab this domain and start tracking Jesus’s appearance at diners and home kitchens across the country.

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Remember the Pancake Bunny’s 15 Minutes of Fame?

Somehow, I completely missed the “Pancake Bunny” phenomenon  in 2012-2013.  So, how did I learn of this viral sensation years later?  Today I saw that is be auctioned at for $8.  I, of course, wondered, “What the fuck is a pancake bunny?”  Then I got educated.

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How Nancy Grace Made So Valuable

Hearing Nancy Grace talk about anything makes us feel like rolling and smoking the biggest, fattest doobie available.  Nancy Grace is annoying on so many levels, but perhaps the most annoying she ever is, is when she tries to sound hip and with it, by using worn out terms like calling a joint a “big fat doobie.”

In a recent tirade on the Dr. Drew HLN show, Nancy screamed, “Quit showing a big fat doobie”, to Dr. Drew because he had shown a joint on some b-roll.

Her Dr. Drew interview made us wonder, had anyone registered the domain What about was originally registered in 2008, but is now available again.  While was originally registered in 2013 and is in the process of becoming available again.

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Pubic hair is making a comeback.  It had virtually disappeared on women since the early 90’s.  Now that is available again, hopefully some entrepreneur will snatch up this domain, taking full advantage of the pubic hair revival trend and open a salon dedicated to helping women and men turn their unruly Amazon rain forests into neatly trimmed suburban lawns.  After 30 minutes at PubeCuts, your lover won’t need a sickle to slash his or her way to the good stuff.

In case you’ve barely (get it?) noticed, everyone has been talking about the great pube resurgence.  Of course, when it comes to something as important as pubic hair (or the UN), we must rely on what celebrities think help us decide what is best for us.  The list of pro-pube celebs includes:  Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow (a full bush proponent), Lady Gaga (of course),  and Solange Knowles (didn’t know she actually qualifies as a celebrity).

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Should Westboro Baptist Church Rebrand to

Now that is available again for registration, the gang at Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) needs to snap it up and rebrand all of its hate websites under one.

While I doubt Domain Roast has many readers inside the Westboro Baptist Church, just in case any of you homemade-hate-sign-making zealots are reading this, seriously consider consolidating all of your hates under one master brand of hate. Right now, you guys are spending a ton of money to operate all of your sister sites, including,,,,,, and It takes a lot of time and money to run seven websites. Trying to please the SEO gods at Google, having multiple social media accounts, and constantly haveing to come up with new content —  Who needs all that hassle?

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13 Signs You Belong On

What’s the difference between a liberal and a liberal douche?   Our Buzzfeed listicle sums it up, but if you want more substance, keep reading. A liberal douche shoves his or her liberalness in your face every chance he or she gets.  For example, if you drive a Prius, you don’t even need to do anything else – you’re a liberal douche.  If you think Bernie Sanders would make a good president, again, what can I say?  You’re a liberal douche.

I’m liberal.  But, I’m not liberal douche liberal. After consulting my liberal friends (including one pansexual) and my three right-wing friends, I’ve created a scientifically accurate test with 98.4% certainty to determine if you’re a liberal douche and need a profile on

If you answer “yes” to at least eight of the following questions,  you’re a liberal douche.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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