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1 – Where’s My Money Doe?
Two Whiskey Dicks Who Could Kick Your Ass, Then Invite You to A Concert – Where’s My Money Doe?

When I saw had just expired and was available again for registration, I immediately thought the same thing you would  – a pimp who also happened to be a goat, like this player above. As I began my search to see what would have made someone register that domain in the first place, I learned more than one could ever possibly want to know about goat sex.  What other blog can provide such random scientific, yet mildly amusing information without a pay wall?

The first thing I discovered was the only other blog posting (possibly ever ) with “Goat Pimp” in the title.  While there aren’t pictures, this guy leaves nothing to the imagination.  Honestly, the text is enough to scar one for life, but seriously is a must read.  To be fair, the pimp goat blogger does post this warning before the piece:

If you are offended or think you may become offended by somewhat graphic descriptions of goat foreplay and sex, stop reading right now

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Two Whiskey Dicks Who Could Kick Your Ass, Then Invite You to A Concert

One of the great things about Domain Roast is that because of domains other people registered, we often learn about things that would have never crossed our radar. No, it’s not Whiskey Dick, Oregon.  It’s not Whiskey Dick Mountain in Washington State, either.  True, we did not know that these places existed, but we did learn about their existence while we were searching for Whiskey Dick Records.

We wondered whether there was ever or could be a record label called Whiskey Dick.  We couldn’t imagine a rocker bragging, “Yeah, so I just signed with Whiskey Dick Records.”

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