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Meet The Robin Hood of Twitter
The 4 Places Rep. Steve Scalise Thought He Was Speaking in 2002
3 – How To Ensure You Never Get Laid

Meet The Robin Hood of Twitter

Being Robin Hood is often a thankless job.  Turns out being a digital Robin Hood is not only thankless but nearly impossible.  By day, Javier Castaño shines shoes in Malaga, Spain.  By night, he tries to give away the most valuable Twitter handles in the world to countries and cities that should rightfully own them.  We learned about Mr. Castaño from a great story by Caitlin Dewey on

If you could legally sell Twitter handles, Mr. Castaño would be a multi-millionaire and shoe shining would be a distant memory.  In 2007, when Twitter was a barren plain, the man registered Twitter handles like @canada, @japan, @rome,  @madrid, @riodejaneiro and more.  He didn’t try to make a penny off them.

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The 4 Places Rep. Steve Scalise Thought He Was Speaking in 2002

After being busted speaking at a White Supremacist convention in 2002, Rep. Steve Scalise is pretending he has no idea what the fuck anyone is talking about.  The guy has boldly changed the URL on his Twitter page to (a job he doesn’t even have until next week).

According to some of Rep. Scalise’s friends and House colleagues, here are some of the places he believes he was speaking on that now fateful day in 2002:

1.  A Conehead fan-fest


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What is classier than a penis t-shirt?  Only the guy wearing one OR the guy (or gal) who owns

I’m just going to throw this out there, but if you’re the kind of guy who would want a penis t-shirt, you probably have have one or more of the following:

  • No chance of ever getting laid
  • A small penis
  • A Hummer (for which a small penis is a prerequisite to own)
  • A beer belly

Too harsh?  Well, below is  a sampling of a few penis t-shirts.  See if you can picture or know of any good looking, steroid-free, fit guys, with a personality and life, who have ever worn one (A one-time exemption for one college party is permitted).

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