Domain Roast FAQs

How Do You Choose Which Domain Names to Write About?

Sometimes we find ones that make us laugh.  Other times we see domains and wonder, “Who the fuck would register that name?”  And, still other times, it’s just that we found an interesting name.

Will You Write About a Name A Reader Suggests?

Sure, why not?

Will Domain Roast Profile a Domain I Want to Sell?

Yes, if you buy an ad and you don’t care if we have some fun with the name.  Otherwise, no.

Can I Submit Artwork, Memes, Videos or Images To Be Used in Your Posts?

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!  Please make sure you own the rights to whatever you submit (unless it’s a video you see on YouTube, etc.).  If you created the work, you will always own it 100% and we claim no rights to it and only use it on our site as long as you let us.  We not only profusely thank you in our posts, but will gladly link back to your website, portfolio, Etsy store, Twitter feed, all of them or nothing at all.  Whatever you want.

You can find more information on our Contributor Policy page.

Do You Accept Guest Posts?

Of course.  If you like our style and think you can add something to make Domain Roast better, we’d love it.  Obviously, what you submit has to fit in with what we do, but if we play well together, we’ll make you a cool avatar, send you a Domain Roast t-shirt, and embrace your presence.  You can find more information on our Contributor Policy page. Or, email us.

If I’m Offended By One of Your Posts, What Should I Do?

First, get a life.  This is all in fun.  There are going to be domains featured here about sex, religion, drugs, random shit, farting, relationships, politics, etc.  If you think you might be offended by some or all of that,  you could:

  • Skip those posts;
  • Bite your pillow;
  • Not read this blog;
  • You can comment on the posts you don’t like ( However, we reserve to edit and/or delete all comments, so don’t be an asshole); or
  • Write your own blog about stuff you think might offend us.

I Saw A Domain Name Featured In Post, But When I Went to Buy It, It Was No Longer Available.  Why Is That?

We are writing about names either right before or right after they’ve dropped (become available again), so it’s possible that by the time you read the post, the current owner could have renewed the domain or someone else could have registered it.

What is Domain Robin Hooding?

In our daily scans of dropping names, we often see names of people.  Some are people we’ve heard of (A to D list celebrities), some are not.  Our first choice would be to just notify the person that whoever had registered his or her domain name was letting it drop and/or that it was being auctioned off and where they could buy the name.  However, we don’t always have a way to contact a person, other than through Twitter.  If we post on the Twitter page of someone who has 1,000,000 followers that his domain is at auction, what do you think happens to that auction?  That is why if we see a name at auction or dropping and we think we can get it cheaply, we buy it, so that we can give it back to the person.

We do not charge the person (or in some cases company) anything for the domain, unless it cost us more than $50 (in which case we may ask that they pay exactly what we paid to secure it).  There is also no quid pro quo, so any comments we make about tickets, autographed pictures, a shout out on Twitter, etc., are just things that might be cool if the person did, but it is not a requirement for getting their name.

Visit our Domain Name Robin Hooding page to learn more.

Does Domain Roast Have an Agenda?

Yes.  We want to become really popular, get bought by Buzzfeed, then get invited to P. Diddy’s White Party (if he still has it).  Isn’t that the agenda of every blog?

I’m Interested in Learning More About Investing in Domain Names.  Can You Help Me?

We’re happy to answer questions about domaining for our readers.  We also suggest that you read some of the great blogs, websites, and newsletters out there on buying and selling domain names.  Here are some that we read religiously and love:\: (newsletter)




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