Don’t get enough fiber from your daily diet?  

Do you sometimes feel bloated and disgusting, like you have hardening sludge in your stomach?  

Do you want to feel thinner without getting your ass off the couch?

If I told you that you could feel really thin, but you may shit in your pants to achieve the result, would you do it?

If you answered YES to the above questions, it’s time to start downing Fiberburst until every last piece of fecal matter in your body flows like a  gooey chocolate kiss down a rainbow into our patent-pending Pantybomb, guaranteed to keep your shit contained.  And, if you don’t want your shit to stink, try Pantybomb Rose Garden.

Look, people wanting to feel cleaned out and who don’t mind shitting in their pants to get there, is a huge and continually growing market. Especially, in the U.S., where lazy people want to avoid exercise at all costs and eat whatever they want.

Yes, there are some competitors, but they don’t have two killer domains like and  This one-two punch of brandable domain names will make your competitors feel like shitting in their own pants.

Are you going to let this guy intimidate you?

What about these guys?

And just in case you want a music video to go along with your new colon blowing business (and happen to be a huge Dr. Dre fan, The Chronic album of 1992), I’m certain you could license this video:

Now Pink Guy Colon Blow video isn’t as much “happy shit” as it is a “shit storm.”  Speaking of shit storm, in case you were wondering, is owned but not in use and has an appraised value of $6,800.  That’s a shitload.   While is also owned, it’s only worth about $450.  Not a shitload, more like a few shit pebbles, but still not bad.   “Shit storm” is searched more than 22,000 times a month online, while “happy shit” is only searched 219 times a month.  Every domain extension of “shit storm” (.com, .net, .org, etc.) is taken, but one —, which is worth between $50 to $100.

All of the videos I posted were titled Colon Blow.  And, while “colon blow” is searched a respectable 5,500 times per month, and is worth $6,300 (again a shitload), some smart entrepreneur already beat you to it. is the website of a colon cleansing product. Even though isn’t available,  is and it’s worth between $170 to $1,020 depending on who you ask.

At Domain Roast, we’re all about turning shit into Shinola.  All this great business advice for free.

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