Anytime you ask friends, “Wanna do some coke tonight?”, the reaction is almost universally:

And then it comes down to who has the coke money.  If you’re cool, you’ve already purchased the coke before getting your friends all amped up on anticipation. If you’re only semi-cool, you have a coke dealer on speed dial, but you’re going to ask everyone to chip in. Coke money doesn’t just grow on trees (yes, we know it’s from the coca plant, but a plant is not a tree).  If you’re not cool at all, you have no drug connections of any kind and probably ask younger, hip looking people, “You know where I can score some drugs?”

Americans love coke.  In fact, the U.S. is the #1 cocaine consumer in the world, snorting around 40% of the planet’s cocaine.  Also, nine out of 10 bills in the U.S. have cocaine residue on them.  This is the kind of cocktail party knowledge that you get for free with every post on Domain Roast.  To see where we got these facts, watch this short clip (it’s under a minute, so perfect if you’re doing coke right now and have no attention span):

Not only do American’s love coke, but major domain appraisal sites love says it has a street value of  $820.00 and appraises it at a whopping $1,540.  You could buy a lot of coke for that money.

While learning random facts about cocaine is always time well spent, trolling YouTube for “coke money” related videos is not, unless you happen to accidentally discover something awesome. For us, it was Natasha Leggero’s comedy album, Coke Money (click on the link or the photo to hear some clips from the album).


If it wasn’t for, we never would have discovered this comedic gem.  Given that she has 274,000 Twitter followers and the album came out in 2011, we feel kind of late to the party, but whatever, we didn’t watch much Chelsea Lately, but we loved her as the caller id chick from He’s Just Not That Into You.  Just never made the connection until now. dropped and we picked it up after listening to Coke Money.  We then wanted to see if there was a way we could get in touch with Natasha Leggero and give her for free, so she could just redirect to Coke Money‘s iTunes page. Why would we give away something we paid for?   Because we want to see if a brand new blog can get the attention of someone like Natasha Leggero.  We don’t know her.  We don’t know anyone who knows her.  We are going to tweet at her, but at the moment we have one follower, so our tweet will probably have the same affect as tweets by others with only one follower — none at all.   We’re going to email her too, but how many people respond to an email with “” in the subject line? And, every journey starts with a single step and all that bullshit, right?

Now, attempting to give to Natasha Leggero doesn’t really qualify as domain name robin hooding because the term is pretty generic and the domain was first registered in 2002, nine years before she released Coke Money. But, what better use for could there be other than redirecting to Natasha’s hysterical comedy album?  None that we can think of.

And, drugs are bad.  Don’t do them.  This post is not glorifying drug use.

If you’re Natasha Leggero, take our domain name…please. (A little Henny Youngman throwback for you old-schoolers).

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