Help Support Young Jazz Musicians in Ohio

As a lover of jazz, I’d never heard of Hank Marr, until I discovered that was dropped by the domain’s previous owner.  After Googling who Hank Marr was, Domain Roast decided that we should buy the name and put something on it to keep his memory alive (he died in 2004).  See, Hank Marr was a great jazz organist (the Hammond B-3, to be exact), but never rose to the level of fame as Jimmy Smith, Groove Holmes or Hank McDuff.

Marr was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1927.  In 1961, he debuted Greasy Spoon:

It was this song that brought him some notoriety in the 60’s (I hope you’re listening to it right now as you read the rest of this post).

In 1983, Marr became an associate professor of jazz studies at his alma mater, Ohio State.  And, he was kind of a big deal in Columbus.  He died in 2004.

The Jazz Arts Group of Columbus (JAG) is America’s oldest not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to producing, performing and promoting jazz.  In 2002, JAG started The Hank Marr High School Jazz Awards that helps support high school jazz students in the Columbus area.

It’s a great cause.  We hope JAG will accept our gift of and use the name to help promote it’s wonderful program.


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