Help Us Return to CNN’s Gloria Borger

Can you help us return to Gloria Borger?  Yes, CNN’s Chief Political Analyst (and one of my favorite political reporters).  The obvious question is, “Why doesn’t CNN or Gloria Borger own”  The answer is: We have no idea.  In fact, neither Ms. Borger nor CNN has ever owned the name.  It’s been floating around since 2008 between a few different people.  The next obvious question is, “Why does Domain Roast own”  The answer might surprise you.

One of our missions at Domain Roast is to robin hood domains.  It just so happens that was the first one we ever bought for the specific purpose of giving it back to its namesake.  Back in October of 2014, we saw that had expired and was being auctioned at Godaddy.  We thought about ways in which we could reach out to Ms. Borger and tell her she might want to scoop it up, as it was going for pretty cheap – $12 (plus a one year renewal fee of $8.47).  But, we didn’t because:

  1. At the time, we didn’t have this blog, a Twitter account for this blog, or even an email address for this blog;
  2. We don’t know Gloria Borger or anyone who knows Gloria Borger (we are seriously unconnected folks);
  3. We realized that sending CNN an email with “Can we give you” in the subject line would at best be deleted and at worst be marked as spam then deleted; and
  4. We knew that if no one bought it at the auction, we would.

Nobody bid.  So, then Godaddy reduced the price and tossed the name in a “closeout” bargain bin.  We bought it for $11, plus another year of renewal ($8.47) which Godaddy forces you to do.  We believe in domain name robin hooding and we’re determined to one day be successful at it.  And, for around $20, we can afford to be a domain mensch.

This is where you come in.  Can you good people of the Internet help us let Gloria Borger know that we have something of hers and want to give it back?  We expect nothing in return.

Long live Robin Hood!


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