How Nancy Grace Made So Valuable

Hearing Nancy Grace talk about anything makes us feel like rolling and smoking the biggest, fattest doobie available.  Nancy Grace is annoying on so many levels, but perhaps the most annoying she ever is, is when she tries to sound hip and with it, by using worn out terms like calling a joint a “big fat doobie.”

In a recent tirade on the Dr. Drew HLN show, Nancy screamed, “Quit showing a big fat doobie”, to Dr. Drew because he had shown a joint on some b-roll.

Her Dr. Drew interview made us wonder, had anyone registered the domain What about was originally registered in 2008, but is now available again.  While was originally registered in 2013 and is in the process of becoming available again.

Why might you want to buy one of these names?  Because Nancy is on a mission.  She also recently batted with rapper 2 Chainz over pot, too. And, she made #PotToBlame and #Pot2Blame trending hashtags on Twitter.  She is all about putting an end to big fat doobies.  And, given that only she refers to joints as “big fat doobies”, this is a no brainer. You could make this a Nancy Grace satire site or fan site.  Or, just a site that celebrates how to roll a big fat doobie properly.  So many options here.

Speaking of being high and watching Nancy Grace, while we don’t advocate the use of drugs, if you want to fall off your chair laughing, smoke some weed and then watch her “Nancy Grace Mysteries: Tupac Shakur & Notorious B.I.G.”  Listening to her talk about the East Coast / West Coast rap war is precious.  Here’s a taste:

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