How We Tried to Robin Hood and Failed

America Ferrera, we tried to save for you, but failed. However, it wasn’t for lack of effort.  Yesterday, we saw that the .COM of your name was being auctioned at Godaddy.  We started tracking it and we thought we’d be able to gallantly swoop in, save the name and hand it over.  With an hour to go before the auction ended this afternoon, there were zero bidders.  We felt like we had this in the bag for you.

We watched Ugly Betty.  We were impressed when you won an Emmy in 2007 for it.  But, what we admire most about you is how politically active you are in getting Latinos out to vote.  The main reason we tried to robin hood was because you should have it to use in any way you want.

Anyway, back to the action.  With four minutes left to go in the auction, it was us and another bidder:

trying to robin hood

Then, the bottom fell out.  A third bidder jumped in and starting driving the price up.  We were willing to pay up to $200 to save the name and give it to you.  Since we never ask the recipient to pay us back, that was has high as we could go.  Robin hooding can be expensive.

We don’t have any more screen shots of the auction because by then, we were busy tweeting at you, hoping maybe you’d have someone get in the auction.  At 2:42 p.m., we tweeted:

Then, just to buy some more time, we bid above $200.  Then a fourth bidder jumped it.  That’s when we tweeted you:

After 39 bids, Bidder #4 won the name for $255.  We hope it was you.  Just know that we tried.  Our domain name robin hooding quest continues!

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