Jeb’s HUGE Domain Name Fail

Poor Jeb. It’s been a tough campaign so far. He’s been beat down by the school bully (Trump), surpassed by the school weirdo (Carson), and totally dissed by the guy he brought into the popular group (Rubio).  Nothing he says works and everything he does makes us feel sorry for him. Add to that his new campaign slogan, “Jeb Can Fix It.”

But, Jeb forgot to buy Um…hello? Obviously, he didn’t take the clue when that gay couple bought  I get that he just cut a bunch of staffers, but there has to be someone on that staff who might think, “Gee, before we plaster our new slogan everywhere, let’s buy the the domain name — just in case.”

Oh…there wasn’t. But you know who did buy it? A guy who used the exact same slogan when he ran for the city council Austin, Texas. Jimmy Flannigan’s slogan and domain for his council campaign was A name he bought while planning to use the slogan.

So, when Jimmy first heard Jeb’s new campaign slogan, he immediately went to see if Jeb again forgot to buy an important domain name. Much to no one’s surprise the name was available and now is getting tons of traffic Jeb so desperately needs.

Jeb and Jimmy have more in common than you might think. Jimmy lost his race to Don Zimmerman, the poor man’s combination of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who once went on TV blowing a rape whistle claiming a bond election to build affordable housing was like being raped. And, sadly for Jeb, he’s losing to several Don Zimmermans.

Poor Jeb 🙁



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