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Jesus has appeared to people in various forms over the past 2000 years.  For some reason, in the U.S., Jesus seems to show up on pancakes.   It’s a much more creative (and delicious) way to appeal to believers than appearing in a burning bush (Jews).  Yes, scaring the shit out of me with fire that talks to me would momentarily work, but peacefully appearing on a tasty carb patty would work better.  Who doesn’t love pancakes?  So,  it’s a smart move on Jesus’s part.  Need to convince some slob who isn’t attending church but once a year that he better get his fat ass in gear, show up in something you know he loves way more than you (Jesus) – a piping, hot stack of pancakes oozing with syrup and butter.

Now that has dropped and is available again, it’s the perfect time for someone who loves the Lord, pancakes, miracles, or just overall cool stuff to grab this domain and start tracking Jesus’s appearance at diners and home kitchens across the country.

But, you better act fast.  Glenn Beck might beat you to it.  In April 2014, Beck devoted an entire segment of his radio show arguing that the Jesus who appeared in a pancake at a California cafe that same month could be “a message from God.”  In fact, Beck was talking about this pancake:



Admittedly, it looks way more like Jesus than it does Mickey Mouse (which is what the cafe owner was trying to make appear on the pancake).

Jesus appearing on pancakes dates back to at least 2006, when he appeared on this pancake in Cleveland, Ohio:


In this case, the restaurant owner didn’t seem to be so divinely inspired because he immediately listed his pancake Jesus on eBay, where the bidding reached $14,999, before eBay pulled it for “fraud.”  As reported by, the fraud was that the pancake creator used this Jesus pan to create the image:


Jesus pan

Unfortunately, the controversy, put out of business (FYI – expires in August 2015).

In July 2014, the first recorded Jesus pancake siting north of the boarder was reported.  A Canadian radio DJ for 106.7 FM Country  in Ontario reported on the air that Jesus appeared on a frozen pancake inside his freezer.  You can listen to the segment  here.

Pancake Jesus is expanding from pancakes to t-shirts.  You can buy this “Jesus Love Pancakes” t-shirt for $20:


Bottom line – you convert more believers with pancakes than you do with fiery shrubs.   So, Christian fans of Domain Roast, will cost you less than a short stack at any good diner.

P.S.  There would be way more of us Jews today, if our God started (a) appearing more regularly and (b) did so not in anything reminiscent of a camp fire (we aren’t the best at outdoorsy stuff).

P.P.S.  If you like pancakes and domain names, you may want to check out our recent post about





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