– It’s Great Clips for Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is making a comeback.  It had virtually disappeared on women since the early 90’s.  Now that is available again, hopefully some entrepreneur will snatch up this domain, taking full advantage of the pubic hair revival trend and open a salon dedicated to helping women and men turn their unruly Amazon rain forests into neatly trimmed suburban lawns.  After 30 minutes at PubeCuts, your lover won’t need a sickle to slash his or her way to the good stuff.

In case you’ve barely (get it?) noticed, everyone has been talking about the great pube resurgence.  Of course, when it comes to something as important as pubic hair (or the UN), we must rely on what celebrities think help us decide what is best for us.  The list of pro-pube celebs includes:  Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow (a full bush proponent), Lady Gaga (of course),  and Solange Knowles (didn’t know she actually qualifies as a celebrity).

In a recent study, 51% of women stated they do not “style or groom their pubic hair.”  That leaves 49% (or about 77,000,000) who are potential customers of Pube Cuts.  Now men (not including gay men who are ahead of us straight guys on everything) are not as into manscaping as they should be, but I certainly would cater my pube cutting business to them as well.  Once men understand that how they manscape can indicate the kind of boyfriend they will be (according to Cosmo), they are going to be all over this.

Any entrepreneur knows how important it is to have people desperate for what you’re selling. Apparently, pubic hair trimming can be “devastating” for some people. Cosmo thought it was important enough to publish “10 Fixes for Devastating Pubic Hair Problems.”  It seemed a little dramatic and over the top given that Cosmo’s eighth most devastating pubic hair problem was “Your Waxer Missed a Spot.”  Just more money for you – future owner of

And, potential new owner of, no reason to stop at just trimming. Think of the add-ons.  You can sell pubic hair trimmers, stencil sets, and hire a few highly trained pube masters who can give you just about any look you want down there.  Did you know that there are at least 50+ different pubic hair styles for women?  I didn’t either, until I visited  and saw such cuts as “The Ghost”, the “Xmas Tree” and (our favorite) “The Kramer”, as in Seinfeld. (WARNING, do not click on the link  if: (a) you can’t handle looking at real vaginas, (b) you are under 18 or (c) you don’t know if your heart is healthy enough to look at a lot of vagina’s at one time ).

Here’s my Shark Tank pitch for   It’s Great Clips but for your pubes.  You wait like you would for a masseuse at a spa.  You then go into a little room with dim lights, some soft rock and sit in something resembling stirrups.  Your pube cutter then enters and puts a covering over the area, almost like a small tent.  He or she then shines a bright light down there and goes to work providing what ever cut, design, or shave style you want, all while you check your email, watch some Maury on a flat screen or read a week-old People. A basic goes for $19.95 and a custom cut starts at $29.95 and goes up from there based on complexity.

Finally, Domain Roast has no position on pubes or no pubes.  We’re pubic-ly agnostic.



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