Remember the Pancake Bunny’s 15 Minutes of Fame?

Somehow, I completely missed the “Pancake Bunny” phenomenon  in 2012-2013.  So, how did I learn of this viral sensation years later?  Today I saw that is be auctioned at for $8.  I, of course, wondered, “What the fuck is a pancake bunny?”  Then I got educated.

Vinnie, the Pancake Bunny, was famous enough to get a feature in The Huffington Post back in 2013.  Vinnie first popped onto the world stage on Tumblr in 2012, later graduating to a full website,  Vinnie has his own official Twitter page too, which is not to be confused with a supposed impostor’s Twitter page.

Not to be the one to escalate a Kardashian-equse rabbit Twitter war but, one of these two rabbits who take pictures with random shit on their heads, should buy

This is the shortest post ever on Domain Roast for several reasons:

  • There is only so much you can write about a rabbit photographed against its will with pancakes and other random objects on its head;
  • I don’t care about rabbits or rabbit pictures; and
  • These things need to stop being things.

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