From Schweddy Balls, was Born

Sometimes ideas, the good, the bad, and the stupid can’t help when they decide to be born.  The idea for Domain Roast burst into this overly-crowded world of dog bloggers, mommy bloggers, food bloggers, whoa-is-me bloggers, domain bloggers, etc. in September 2014 (although it’s actual birth was just a few days ago).  I was at my day job perusing a Godaddy auction for a work related domain name when I stumbled upon and saw that it was an expiring name auction.  It had been years since I’d seen this most hilarious SNL skit.  I went to YouTube and watched it in all of its magical glory, then shared it with a younger co-worker who’d never seen it.  She cried from laughing so hard.

I know you’re dying to find out what happened to this domain, watch the clip first and enjoy.

I didn’t buy the name at the auction; didn’t even bid on it.  I figured didn’t deserve to be picked up off the has-been domain rack like a 2004 Super Bowl t-shirt at second rate thrift store.  I decided just to monitor it.  When no one bought it at auction and it was released back into the wild, I scooped it up for $10.

While a blog called Domain Roast should probably start out with the merciless teasing of fart and porn related names (oh, it’s coming — no pun intended), we decided our first post should celebrate a domain name that Domain Roast is proud to own.

NBC obviously owns the copyright to the clip you just watched.  NBC partnered with Ben & Jerry’s to put out a Schweddy Balls ice cream in 2011 and it was recently announced that NBC has partnered with a candy company to put out  Salty Peanut Butter Malt Ball” for SNL’s 40th anniversary.  None of these business giants have filed for trademark protection on “Schweddy Balls”, but one enterprising company filed one for “Schweddy.”  At , you can find condom-sized wipes for your balls.  So, basically, Wet Wipes with different packaging.

Our registration is Domain Roast’s homage to one of the great SNL skits of all time.  We vow to keep it all about the Schweddy Balls and not sweaty balls.  The following are a list of people and institutions we’ll give our domain to for free:

  • NBC Universal  (You have a ton of money and you scare us, but if we give it to you, could you hook us up with some tickets to see a taping of SNL? Oh, don’t be dicks about it and send us some threatening letter because if you do, we’ll just give it to the guy with the ball wipes)
  • Lorne Michaels (Not sure if between you and NBC, who owns what, but if you tell us to give it to you, we will.  It would be cool if you could hook us up with some SNL tickets, too. But, hey, no pressure)
  • Ana Gasteyer   (Duh…no brainer.  If you want it, let us know)
  • Molly Shannon (Oh, Mary Katherine Gallagher, we’d love you to have it too)
  • Alec Baldwin (You are the Godfather of Schweddy Balls and  if we give it to you, will you just play one game of “Words with Friends” with us?)
  • Ben & Jerry’s (We’ve never had your Schweddy Balls, but your Chunky Monkey is our all-time favorite ice cream)

If you’re not named in the list above, don’t ask. will forever remain in our personal collection of awesome pop culture domains.

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