Should Westboro Baptist Church Rebrand to

god hates domain roast

Now that is available again for registration, the gang at Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) needs to snap it up and rebrand all of its hate websites under one.

While I doubt Domain Roast has many readers inside the Westboro Baptist Church, just in case any of you homemade-hate-sign-making zealots are reading this, seriously consider consolidating all of your hates under one master brand of hate. Right now, you guys are spending a ton of money to operate all of your sister sites, including,,,,,, and It takes a lot of time and money to run seven websites. Trying to please the SEO gods at Google, having multiple social media accounts, and constantly haveing to come up with new content —  Who needs all that hassle?

By owning, you don’t have to build a new website every time you discover something else you hate. You hate people who don’t dress like the cast of Big Love.  No need to spin up a WordPress site for All you will need to do is just add a new section to your new master-hate site. Even though you believe God hates Jews, I won’t tell anyone if you take my advice.  I’m cool like that.

You should also purchase because as surprising as this may sound, there are some people on Twitter who really hate you.  Like fucking hate you.  And, a fake Fred Phelps Twitter account that talks about sucking black dicks is way funnier than your Twitter posts about how God was mad about the riots in Ferguson, so he caused it to thunder there.  If I were you, I wouldn’t visit @WBCFredPhelpsSr or @Fredphelps316 unless you want to laugh your asses off (well, you guys probably won’t find it funny).

I must admit that your “hates” make me feel that mine are so insignificant. I have a little “hate” envy. Here’s some stuff that I hate:

  • People who constantly ask me if I watch Nurse Jackie
  • Raw onions
  • Briefs (I don’t get why every guy doesn’t wear boxers)
  • How slow DirecTv is when changing channels
  • That I binge-watched all five seasons of Friday Night Lights in less than three weeks
  • Getting hit in the face with a ball
  • When the avocado I overpaid for at Whole Foods is half rotten (this happens a lot actually)
  • Folding laundry
  • Paying a cleaning lady who sucks at cleaning
  • That I never pick up my dry cleaning until I get the letter from them stating that they are going to throw my stuff away

It’s just so lame in comparison to yours.

Our blog is fairly new so is there any chance that you guys could make a sign that says, “God Hates (and Fags)”, then take some selfies holding them, and tweet them to us @DomainRoaster?  That would be so cool.  Every little bit helps.

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