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Help Us Give MikeDamone.com to Bob Romanus
Does Mike Damone’s “5 Point Plan” For Picking Up Women Still Work 30+ Years Later?

Help Us Give MikeDamone.com to Bob Romanus

Flat out — Fast Times at Ridgemont High is one of the great teen movies of all time. And, Mike Damone (played by Bob Romanus) is one of the iconic characters in that movie. We bought MikeDamone.com so give it to Bob Romanus, although we can’t quite get Bob’s attention.

We wrote a fun post about our favorite character from Fast Times: Does Mike Damone’s “5 Point Plan” for Picking Up Women Still Work 30+ Years Later? 

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Does Mike Damone’s “5 Point Plan” For Picking Up Women Still Work 30+ Years Later?

Mike Damone, the kind of sleazy, yet kind of cool, ticket scalper / ladies’ man helped make Fast Times at Ridgemont High one of the most iconic teen movies of all time.  And, it’s by far our favorite teen movie of the 80’s.   We’re going to go out on a limb here, and guess that you’ve never wondered or cared what happened to the domain names of the cast members.  Lucky for you Domain Roast does.

If you were a teenage boy in the 80’s and thought you had at least some game with the ladies, you might have tried Mike Damone’s famous “5 Point Plan”, the original How-To-Get-Any-Woman-You-Want” blueprint:

Does it still work today?  It works better than Sam Goody does at selling records and cds.

For the record, the author of this post, only subscribed to Point #1, did not follow points 2-4.  And,  I was not a fan of Led Zeppelin, as my preferred make out music was Rick James’s Fire and Desire (perfectly cued up on my car’s cassette player).

Anyway, Robert “Bob” Romanus, agreed to repeat Damone’s famous “5 Point Plan” for a fan who caught up with him in 2011.  Enjoy.

This made Domain Roast like Bob Romanus even more.  It also led us to wonder two things:  What Mr. Romanus was up to these days and if he owned his own URL.  Until recently, Mr. Romanus was the owner of  Bob’s Espresso Bar in North Hollywood.   When we checked on RobertRomanus.com and BobRomanus.com, we saw that both were registered, but about to drop.  Both became available in early October 2014.   A few days ago, we checked again and saw that RobertRomanus.com had been registered by someone in Japan.  So, to preserve BobRomanus.com and MikeDamone.com for Mr. Romanus, we registered both names.

Mr. Romanus, they are yours.  Just tell us how to transfer them to you and we will.  You must own MikeDamone.com, one of the great characters in teen movie history.

It would be extremely cool if you’d make a 10 second video on your phone saying “hello” to Domain Roast and your fans who read this blog.  But, that’s not necessary.  Although, it would be really awesome.  Like bucket list awesome.

Thanks for making 1982 a great year.

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