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New Website Aims To Warn Others of Craft Beer Douchebags

New Website Aims To Warn Others of Craft Beer Douchebags

Well, the website doesn’t exist yet, but the domain name BeerDouches.com is available.  Plus, it’s versatile and brandable. And, it’s a category killer in the ever growing douchebag market. The no brainer use for this domain is a site (and corresponding app) that warns you when a craft beer douchebag may be near you at your local brew pub / gastro pub / place with a million local beers on tap.  Nothing worse than getting beer shamed while simply trying to get a cold one.

Yeah, maybe Stella Artois isn’t the greatest beer ever, but if I’m next to you ordering it, I don’t need a lesson on yeast and hops.  Maybe I’m just ordering the first thing I see because I want to get away from your Unibomber beard and that knit beanie you bought at Hollister (but want to pretend you bought at someplace that sells sustainable cotton, viscose and nylon blends).  If BeerDouches.com was up and running, hopefully someone would have already registered your phone number on the site, so the GPS signal could identify where you are in the bar and I could just move to another open spot to order in peace.

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