The 10 Worst Dating Sites of All Time

We’ve found the worst dating sites of all time.  Each of these domains were once registered by someone, but are now available and can be yours!!

Reason site failed:  only one person signed up.


Of course there was the pre-Internet crazy who joined while the site was in beta:


Reason site failed:  Turns out you don’t need the Internet to find crazy people to date.

Reason site failed:  Changed name to

Reason site failed:  Attracted only people with literally blue balls.

Reason site failed:  Not enough beet farmers.

Reason site failed: lured all the creeps away.

Reason site failed:  Most of the men got smart enough to demand a prenup.

Reason site failed:  Site kept crashing due to millions signing up so quickly after TV ads proclaim, “The one dating site that truly knows you.”

Reason site failed:  Phrase is not used during honeymoon stage.

Just the name led all women members to abandon the site in droves with this sentiment:

Reason site failed:  Men can never be intuitive enough. Class action suit for false advertising filed.






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