The 4 Places Rep. Steve Scalise Thought He Was Speaking in 2002

After being busted speaking at a White Supremacist convention in 2002, Rep. Steve Scalise is pretending he has no idea what the fuck anyone is talking about.  The guy has boldly changed the URL on his Twitter page to (a job he doesn’t even have until next week).

According to some of Rep. Scalise’s friends and House colleagues, here are some of the places he believes he was speaking on that now fateful day in 2002:

1.  A Conehead fan-fest


2.  A parade of traffic cones (his color blindness made them all look white):



3.  P. Diddy’s White Party (minus the black or Hispanic people)



4.   To these guys after Bill & Ted’s time machine accidentally transported him back to 1930 (didn’t notice the flag or Hitler)

München, Hitler bei Einweihung "Braunes Haus"

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