The Domain Names of Downton Abbey

Who hasn’t spent hours researching the domain names of Downton Abbey characters (besides people with some modicum of a life)?  I can’t be the only Downton Abbey fan, who in the middle of watching the episode where Lady Mary shows off her new (yet super controversial) bob, wonders if is available.  Am I?

I’m sad to report that my idea for a closed social network for fashion forward, cold, condescending,  yet sexy women, who enjoy discreet sexual encounters, is not going to happen.

Because is owned by someone who wants $3,150 for it.

But, cheer up, because is unregistered and can be yours for about $10.

As far as the remaining living Crawley sister,, is almost available. It expires this week, meaning that there will be a 45 day period in which the domain is in limbo as the registrant can wait until the twelfth hour and take the name back.  But, keep you’re eye on it if you’re interested.

Speaking of being available, do you know what really killed Lady Sybil’s domain name value?


Dying during childbirth in Season 3.

Despite looking this: is not registered and can also be yours for about $10.

If is available, surely must be. After all, she’s not even a real sister and was brought in to replace the now dead,  hot rebel (Lady Sybil). can be yours for $35,000. Why so much? Because there’s something very taboo and mysterious about a woman who has to lead one life:


But sneaks away to live another:



If you still want a Lady Rose domain name and don’t have $35,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can buy for $10 (it’s unregistered).  You can spend the remaining $34,990 to dress like her, look like her, and dance your way all over England with many a handsome suitor.

I get that some of the domains of those “upstairs” are taken, but surely the names of house staff must be available.   My idea of using  as a  brand for a hand-scratch cooking website was semi-thought of by someone else. redirects to a fake cupcake website, that fooled me completely, until I saw most of the text was “lorem ipsum”.  Just the idea that I spent this much time thinking about Mrs. Patmore would make her happy (she’s had a hard life):

As for the rest of our favorite Downton servants, their domain names are all owned by real, working people who happen to have the same names as the characters.,,,,, and are all taken by people just like you and I.

Speaking of the lower class, how upset do you think Robert Crawley would be if he knew that redirects to a Zazzle store that sells mugs and t-shirts with Lord and Lady on them. Um…he’d be this upset:

The most surprisingly affordable Downton Abbey domain name (given the popularity of Maggie Smith)  is  If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t have the money to buy it, regardless of the price, just stop.

You can afford  It’s cheap. can be yours for around $10.00.  I’d click on right now to buy it.  With 3,000 exact monthly searches, you could make it the #1 Dowager Countess of Grantham meme and/or gif site online.  And, yes, as well as are also available.  I’d scoop them all up.

And, just in case anyone cares, is also available and not registered.  But, could anyone care about such a bore?

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