The Domain Names of The Breakfast Club

What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club than to see which cast member is the most popular based on Internet searches and of course to see how many cast members are in control of their own domain names.

Judd Nelson, you do not own, but the person who does has put up a little fan site and is offering it to you for free.  Also, “Judd Nelson” is searched about 27,000 times a month, which ties you for third place with cast mates Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy.

Molly Ringwald, on the bright side, your name is the most searched of any cast member, with 134,000 a month.  Yet, sadly, you don’t own your domain name.  In fact, your domain resolves to a series of random advertisers every time a person clicks on it.  The first time I clicked on it, I was redirected to an online Asian casino and the second time, I was brought to the LA Times website. I’m sorry, don’t shoot the messenger…

Ally Sheedy, shriek for joy girl, because your domain name is the most valuable at $1,900  (while all of your cast mates are all at $1,200),

But, is simply a parked page with a few links on it, so…

Anthony Michael Hall, you might want to stick a pen up your nose, when you learn that is for sale.

But, for a minimum bid of $1,140.

And, Emilio Estevez, you will be immediately happy when I tell you that your name is searched 90,000 times a month on the web.  Then you will be immediately bummed when you learned that is owned by someone else.

Since all of the character names themselves are pretty common names like Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy), John Bender (Judd Nelson), Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez), and Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall), they are all taken by real people of the same name.

BUT, the gem of them all, is unregistered and available!

Just in case anyone is still reading this, is the site of a 80’s cover band.  While redirects to the website Goodwood House and Estate in Sussex, England.  Go figure.

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