Two Whiskey Dicks Who Could Kick Your Ass, Then Invite You to A Concert

One of the great things about Domain Roast is that because of domains other people registered, we often learn about things that would have never crossed our radar. No, it’s not Whiskey Dick, Oregon.  It’s not Whiskey Dick Mountain in Washington State, either.  True, we did not know that these places existed, but we did learn about their existence while we were searching for Whiskey Dick Records.

We wondered whether there was ever or could be a record label called Whiskey Dick.  We couldn’t imagine a rocker bragging, “Yeah, so I just signed with Whiskey Dick Records.”

Then we discovered these guys:

Whiskey Dick Band.

And, we love them because they are living their dream (which you’ll see the minute you visit ).

As they describe themselves:

We’re just a train robbin’, gun totin’, dope smokin’, guitar pickin’ muthafuckin’ good time band. Taking hillbilly music and spreading it across the land.

The bio on the band’s website is the most entertaining band bio we’ve ever read.

The band’s most popular download is Wookie Pussy from the Rebel Flags and Whiskey album.  Our favorite song is First Class White Trash from the album of the same name.

If you’re a guy and you need a good break up song, in one of those cases when you finally fell for someone and then got blindsided and dumped, we highly recommend Evil Bitch from the Drunk as Hell album.

We’re not the only fans.  WhiskeyDick’s Kickstarter campaign  in 2013 to produce two new albums requested $4,500 and received $11,340.

So, WhiskeyDick, if you see this post, please go register  It’ll be $10 and it’s a name you should own.  You guys rock.

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