“Walk of Shame” To Launch New Website On SluttyAndProud.com

The “Walk of Shame” (“WOS”), in an attempt to update its image and leave the “shame” behind, will launch SluttyandProud.com later this year.   CEO Sammy Haus said, “We needed to do something to show the world that hooking up with someone who you don’t know that well, and then making the disheveled walk home in the morning as onlookers judge you, is something the judgers should feel shameful about, not those who got lucky.”

So, why change the name of your well-known brand?  According to Mr. Haus, the final straw was the cinematic bomb “Walk of Shame” that barely got a  12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  “And, it wasn’t only the movie,” Mr.Haus stated. ” “People are just taking this way too seriously.”

We agree.  A college professor actually wrote an academic piece entitled, “The Walk of Shame: A Normative Description”.  Then, of course, there were all of the articles about slut-shaming vs. sex-shaming, including one by AlJazeera.com. AlJazeera is owned by people who believe in shaming women for just being women, let alone choosing who to have sex with and when.  What the fuck are they doing commenting on this?  Add to that the preachy, We-Have-Stop-Using-The-Walk-of-Shame pieces, like one on the The Daily Beast, and it’s clear why the WOS has moved on to something more current, edgier, and certainly more fun.

While it was hard to give up such an iconic brand name, Mr.Haus said the mission of WOS is to support those who “[w]ent out one night and ended up fucking someone they didn’t expect to.”  Thus, taking away the moral superiority of those who wish it was them walking home in the morning from some semi-stranger’s place after having a spent a night of orgasmic joy.  “Now that we’re SluttyandProud.com, the occasional one-night-stander to the straight up slut are welcome under our tent,” Mr. Haus noted.

SluttyandProud.com’s new marketing campaign will focus on how people can look at the same walk home from a night of casual sex and see it so differently.  Here’s a sneak peak:





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