Want TrumpFraud.com? Donald Trump Already Beat You To It.

donald trump

Donald Trump has amassed a collection of 3,455 domain names and almost all have “Trump” in them. Since no one can love Trump more than Trump, this isn’t surprising. His domain collection has grown by 302 names since I last checked in July 2015 when I posted the 12 most awesome domain names Mr. Trump owns.

For a political junkie and domainer like me, combing through the GOP front-runner’s domain list is the like being the stoned guy at the Old Country Buffet.

Mr. Trump has increased his ownership of domains that relate to fraud claims by former students of Trump University. The New York Attorney General compared Mr. Trump to Bernie Madoff for “scamming” student entrepreneurs out of money. Some of those names include:









In fairness, TrumpFraud.com  (registered in August 2015) would also make a great website for what Evangelical Christian voters who support him will end feeling should he be elected president.

Mr. Trump gave himself a great Christmas present on 12/24/14 when he registered DonaldTrumpSucks.com. He must have already known he was running. Good to keep that name out of the hands of….well, everyone in the country other than his base (and they for sure don’t read blogs with words, so I’m safe).

Mr. Trump’s domain names are a treasure trove of great material. As Mr. Trump says, TrumportunityKnocks.com 











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