WarrenGroen.com – The Newest Poster Child of U.S. Political Dysfunction

New Hampshire State Rep. Warren Groen (R), is the perfect symbol of how the U.S. political system has sunk to new lows of disgrace and dysfunction. As you may have already heard, Rep. Groen and his Republican colleagues in the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted down a bill created and lobbied for by a fourth grade class.  These 10-year-olds worked on the bill to learn how government works (well, actually used to work, as it turns out), to see a how a bill becomes a law and all that stuff.

The legislation proposed by the fourth graders was about as un-political as a bill could be.  The kids, from Hampton Falls, NH, drafted a bill the make the Red-Tailed Hawk the official “State Raptor.”  This should be a layup, right?  No matter how ideologically crippled a legislative body is, surely it can come together for an hour and give some young kids hope that the political system works.


As the class of fourth graders watched from the gallery, Rep. Groen said on the House floor, “And I guess the shame about making this a state bird is it would serve as a much better mascot for Planned Parenthood.”

That was classy.

My outrage isn’t that Rep. Groen is pro-life.  My outrage isn’t even about how he managed to make it part of a totally unrelated issue.  My outrage is that Rep. Groen (and hundreds like him in state legislatures and congress) have become so blinded by and fearful of their own base (and donors) that they will sacrifice the duty of public service to spew their ideology at every chance they get, regardless of who it affects.

Adults already know that both parties are working hard to destroy a once great political system built on mutual respect and compromise.  Congratulations, Rep. Groen, you’ve now passed that down to the fourth grade class of Lincoln Akerman School.

Democrats and Republicans — shame on you all.  You’re all disgusting.  Shameless, really.  Warren Groen, you should feel like an asshole.  Seriously, what is wrong with you?

If you typed in or clicked on WarrenGroen.com you ended up on this blog post.  While Rep. Groen is great at making school children feel like shit, he’s pretty bad at owning his own domain name.  We just bought it (and WarrenGroen.org) and we’re offering them to Rep. Groen for FREE.  No quid pro quo.  Just have someone from your office contact us.  It’s that simple.

Domain Roast is robin hooding these domains for you because you will need them to explain how it is that you helped a class of fourth graders learn firsthand what a joke our political system has become.



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