We’re Giving Away BuckyBooks.com to a Badger B-Ball Fan

We love the Badgers!  And in celebration of their Final Four appearance we’re giving away BuckyBooks.com to a Badger fan.

To enter the contest to win BuckyBooks.com, you have to do one or more of the following (each has points):

1. Retweet our Twitter post about the contest (1 point); and/or

2. Tweet us something you love about UW-Madison (1 point) and share it with your followers to; and/or

3.  Include a picture, meme, or related GIF with your tweet (1 point) .

The person with the most points wins the domain.  The domain will be given away on Friday, April 3 at noon Central time.

To help inspire you:

40 Signs Yo Went to The University of Wisconsin-Madison on Buzzfeed.

25 GIFS That Perfectly Describe Attending The University of Wisconsin-Madison

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