Where Your Gay Dog Would Rather Shop Instead of Petco

Your gay dog needs a place where he or she can buy fun outfits, pride chew toys, funky Sally Jessy Raphael glasses and whatever else is needed not to look and live like every other schmuck dog forced to shop at Petco.  So, when I saw that GayDogBoutique.com had expired and was available again for registration, so many things began racing through my mind.  Did the original registrant intend to create a retail store where gay people could buy outfits and trinkets for their dogs?  Or, did he or she intend to provide an online shopping experience where gay dogs would feel comfortable?

Then my mind immediately moved to what seems like an obvious question — How can you tell if you have a gay dog?  Does he bark louder at Liza Minelli songs?  Does she seem in a better mood when a Liz Phair or Annie DeFranco song comes on?

Even though I’ve never wondered about the sexual orientation of the dogs in my life, it’s always comforting to know that on the Internet of All Things, so many people have. The most reliable article I could find was Fido Seeking Fido on Slate.com.  In 2004, venerable book publishing giant, Simon & Schuster, published cartoon coffee table book titled, Is Your Dog Gay?

Moving from the world of real gay dogs to cartoon gay dogs (and other pets), you must visit Mr. Gisby’s Totally Gay Pet Shop.  The cast of characters includes Agatha the Trannysaurus Rex, Gus the Leather Fetish Gorilla, and Canoodle the Drag Poodle:

Canoodle The Drag Poodle, courtesy of MrGisby.com

Canoodle The Drag Poodle, courtesy of MrGisby.com


In the real world, there are plenty of places where you can buy clothing, collars, tags, and toys for your gay (or straight) dog so he or she can demonstrate pride in its gay owner. One of our favorites is  Over The Rainbow Shop that has an extensive section of gay pet items.

Finally, any self-respecting, out and proud, gay dog will likely want this ribbed tank top for those wild romps at the dog park:

Buy this at Zazzle.com

Buy this at Zazzle.com


If you’re gay or your dog’s gay, buy GayDogBoutique.com right now, so you can say, “I got GayDogBoutique.com for $10.”  And, you’re best friend can say back to you, “Two woofs and a hey!”


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