Why Does Mike Huckabee Own FreeWomanVideo.com?

Mike Huckabee & His 180 Domain Names

What is Mike Huckabee doing owning FreeWomanVideo.com? What kind of free woman video would the former Arkansas governor be giving away? Now that Mike Huckabee has quit Fox News to consider a 2016 presidental run, people might want to know about his domain collection.

If you had no idea who this guy was and just saw FreeWomanVideo.com, you might assume it was some kind of free solo action website.

Hopefully, you haven’t clicked off this post to go see if there’s another free porn site out there you haven’t heard of.  There might be, but not one owned by Mr. Huckabee (although it would be hilarious if he did).

Old Huck is co-founder of  Learn Our History, LLC, which owns FreeWomanVideo.com and 180 other domain names.  No point in listing all of them here, but the vast majority start with “free” and contain one of the following:  “Christian”, “Jesus”, “Military”, “Values”, and strangely enough “Women” and “Woman.”

Learn Our History sells streaming videos that present “unbiased” U.S. history presented to children “free of the biases often found in many textbooks in use today.”  So, Mike Huckabee’s company presents U.S. history to children “from a positive, patriotic and faith-based perspective.” Um…so, doesn’t that make it biased?  Coming from a network that was “fair and balanced” I get how understanding “bias” might not be his thing.

You’re probably wondering how Domain Roast found about the governor’s domain collection.  It wasn’t any Woodard and Bernstein type stuff. This pot of gold was discovered accidentally. Originally, this post was going to be about who owned various Mike Huckabee domain names and which ones were available for purchase.  Smartly, Mike Huckabee owns and operates MikeHuckabee.com.  When we went to see who owned the .net and .org, we saw that MikeHuckabee.net was owned by Learn Our History, LLC. Then we saw a smiling co-founder / potential presidential candidate on the homepage and here we are.

Here are some of our favorite domain names owned by Mike Huckabee and Learn Our History, LLC:

  • freewomanshistory.com
  • freewomanvideo.com
  • freeamericadvd.com
  • freevaluesdvd.com
  • freehomeschoolclass.com
  • adventuresoffaith.com
  • supermoneykids.com
  • freewomandvd.com

With all of the free stuff Mike Huckabee wants to give away, you’d think the guy was a Democrat.

It’s not too late to jump on the Mike Huckabee domain name wagon.  Every extension of MikeHuckabee is gone.  So, is MikeHuckabee2016.com.  But, MikeHuckabee2016.net and MikeHuckabee2016.org are still available. Interestingly, Huckabee2016.com is owned by golfer Ben Crenshaw’s manager (who also owns Giuliani2016.com).  But, Huckabee2016.info and Huckabee2016.co are out there for the taking.

If you’re in the mood to throw money away, like literally flush it down the toilet, here are three Huckabee names that are for sale:

  • RomneyHuckabee.com ($1,995)  – Romney might run again and since he’s terrible at faking he’s a social conservative, Huckabee could attract the “values” crowd as a #2.  But, this is throwing a chip in the air at a roulette table and having it land on the winning number.  If that was the ticket, the name might be worth something a few grand north of $1,995.
  • PalinHuckabee.com ($1,795) – If this was the ticket, America would be destroyed and your money wouldn’t be worth anything anyway.  Also, per the Domain Roast suicide pact, all of us here would be dead.
  • HuckabeePawlenty.com ($1,695) – The only person who sees this as a dream ticket is Tim Pawlenty.  If you pay $1,695 for this domain name, you are the biggest sucker on earth.

If you love Mike Huckabee and want to have a piece of him, you can go to Huckabee.com and buy yourname@Huckabee.com (e.g. morty@huckabee.com) for $35 per year.  For the record, this site is not owned by anyone connected to Mike Huckabee (that we can tell).

What I like best about Mike Huckabee is that his company also owns FreeFairyTales.com.  Now, that should be his 2016 campaign slogan.

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