Why I’m Giving BootyCruise.com to KDWB

Dear KDWB / Dave Ryan Show,

I own BootyCruise.com and I want to give it to KDWB.  I know there are a lot of other stations around the country that put a Booty Cruise, but I’m partial to you guys.  I’ve been listening to Dave Ryan since the Lee Valsvik days. Even though I’m too old to still listen to the Morning Show, I still do during my morning commute (I flip between KQ, The Fan, and you guys).

I happened upon BootyCruise.com accidentally.  I’m a domain name investor and enthusiast.  Last month, I noticed that BootyCruise.com was being auctioned at Godaddy.  No one bid on it.  After the auction closed, I picked up the name.  It only had some appeal to me because I knew what Booty Cruise was because I listen to KDWB.

Part of the goal with this blog is to robin hood domain names for those who deserve to own a particular name.  So, I plunked down some money and picked up BootyCruise.com to hopefully give to you.  No, I don’t want anything for it. It would be kind of dick move to robin hood something and then ask for a reward (especially for something you didn’t know was missing or that you even wanted).

So, all you have to do is contact me and arrange for transfer of the name.  No strings attached.  And, since the BootyCruise.com resolves to this blog post, you know I’m the real owner and not some spammer.  Since Booty Cruise is in June, now seems like a great time for to start pointing that traffic wherever you want it.

Also, random fact:  my ex-girlfriend briefly dated Jackson.

Finally, I know the picture with this post isn’t from a real Booty Cruise, but I didn’t want the Clear Channel police on my case for using an actual picture without permission.  This photo is literally the only thing that comes up for “drunk people partying on a boat” on iStock.com.

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